Instructions to authors

Science Vision is a quarterly, bilingual, refereed official journal of the Mizo Post Graduate Science Society. All kinds of information, both solicited and unsolicited, from all fields of science are published in the form of original research, research review, general article, hypothesis, commentary, report, letters and news. Manuscripts are accepted on the basis of credibility and suitability as per the style and scope of the journal.

Manuscript can be prepared either in Mizo or English. All texts should be in Microsoft Word (.doc) file, typed in A4 size in Times New Roman with font size of 12. For hard copies the entire text should be doubled spaced. There shall not be any decorative borders, fonts, lines, indents and tabs anywhere. Tables and figures should come in separate pages at the end, and numbered consecutively as they are referred to in the text.

The title should be concise and plain, and the title page must contain full name(s) of the author(s), with complete mailing address of affiliation(s)/institute(s). In a multi-authored paper, the corresponding author should be marked with asterisk (*) after the name. The corresponding author must provide e-mail, and telephone/fax/mobile numbers.

Manuscripts containing original research and research review are subjected to peer review process. Original research can either be in full length or in short note articles. All original research should be necessarily written in English for the purpose of unanimity and should fill no more than 5 pages.

The text for original research should be divided sequentially into Title page, Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, and References. Abstract should be accompanied by key words arranged in alphabetical order. Experiments involving animals or humans and clinical trials should not violate any ethical standard, and a declaration in this respect should be mentioned in the Materials and Methods.

References should be each numbered in consecutive Arabic numerals in superscripts in the text in the order of their appearance, and entry in the Reference list should be in analogy to the following examples:

Journal: Pachuau Z, Zoliana B, Zadeng L & Thapa RK (2003). Photoemission from surfaces of metals. Sci Vis, 3, 17-19.

Book: Lalramnghinglova H (2003). State-of-the-art report on ethnomedicines and their plant resources in Mizoram. In: Ethnomedicine of North-East India (G Singh, HB Singh &TK Mukherjee, eds), NISCAIR, CSIR, New Delhi, India, pp. 1-62.

Internet: Hopkin H (2004). Ancient ape gives clue to family origin. (18 November 2004).

Research review shall follow the organization as that of original research, excepting Materials and Methods and Results, which can be replaced with appropriate headings for the topic in discussion.With respect to scientific nomenclature, the manuscript should strictly adhere to internationally agreed rules such as those adopted by the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), the international system (SI) of units, International Code of Botanical/Zoological Nomenclature (ICBN/ICZN). Names of organisms should include the full binomial, authority, and family in the first reference in the body of the manuscript (e.g., Homo sapiens Linnaeus; family Hominidae).

Submission is recommended in electronic form (by a compact disc) and hard copy, and most encouraged through the e-mail Submission of a manuscript will be taken to imply that it has not been published previously or concurrently submitted elsewhere.

Manuscript not conforming to these instructions shall be summarily rejected.