Dr. Lalthlamuana Pachuau, MIPOGRASS Secretary i/c Information & Publiccity has been recruited for Scientist B under Central Silk Board and he is posted at Guwahati. He joined our member Dr. B. Collin, so now we have two of our member in CSB.

Mr. Liansanga Pachuau has been awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy(Ph.D) by NEHU on his work on “Studies on roles of calcium ions and absisic acid in modulating detoxification pathways during osmotic stress in seedlings of maize (Zea mays L)” at the Department of Botany, NEHU, Shillong in June 2010.

Recently, two of our members H.T. Lalremsanga and Dr. Lalramliana has described new species animals from Mizoram.

Mr. H.T. Lalremsanga and his colleagues Saibal Sengupta, Saipari Sailo, A. Das & I. Das has described a new species of megophryid frog, named as Leptolalax tamdil from Tamdil lake and the description was accepted and publish in Zootaxa 2406:57-68(2010). H.T. Lalremsanga is working at Department of Zoology, Mizoram University.

The new species is diagnosable in showing the following combination of characters: SVL 32.3 mm in the only male and 31.8 mm in the only female known; dorsum tuberculate; eyelids with tubercles; tympanum and supratympanic fold distinct; supratympanic fold extending to posterior edge of tympanum; macroglands, including preaxillary, pectoral, femoral and ventrolateral glands present;

Finger II > I; toe tips not dilated, bearing dermal fringes; relatively long hind limbs, with heels in contact when limbs are held perpendicular to body; dorsum with dark blotches; flanks with small dark blotches; dark tympanic mask present; venter pale; labial bars present and limbs with dark cross-bars.